ICICI Lombard IPO multibagger unlisted stock update

Our one more hot favorite pre-IPO stock is launching IPO tomorrow. But not before delivering multibagger returns to investors. One more baby is ready to fly high and scale new heights.

ICICI Lombard sold to all our investors at as low as Rs 70 since 2013 has become 10x  to Rs 700+ in just around 4 years. That’s the power of investing in unlisted shares. The company’s initial public offer (IPO) will open on September 15 and close on September 19. The price band is Rs 651 to Rs 661 per share.


Sintex Plastics Technology shares demerged from Sintex Industries available for selling

We are selling shares of Sintex Plastics Technology which were demerged from Sintex Industries to unlock value.  The stock will be listed in August 2017 (this month). There is no lock-in and shares can be sold on day of listing as well.

Sintex Plastics Technology is a leader in plastic products and comparable companies are Supreme Industries and Nilkamal Industries. Brokerages are expecting the stock to list near Rs 150.

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Sintex Plastic Technology  This business have infra and plastic segment and two sub-business inside through subsidiaries –

  1. Custom Mouldings – Plastic and composite products moulded and fabricated across market segments such as aerospace & defense, automotive, electrical, mass transit, medical imaging etc.
  2. Building Products – Following are the sub-segment of Building Product:                a) Prefab – Sintex makes prefabricated structures like classrooms, toilets, healthcare centres, sheds etc.                                                                                              b) Monolithic – Designs and constructs monolithic buildings in India to address mass and low cost housing requirements.                                                                       c) Others (Retail) – Sintex manufactures a wide range of consumer focused retail products which include water storage tanks, cold storage facility, environment friendly products, sub-ground structures etc.                                                                  

For more details and indepth research on Sintex Plastic Technology https://www.alphainvesco.com/blog/sintex-industries-de-merger-to-create-value/

Post listing the stock is expected to perform well and ultimately head higher as recent reports indicate that Sintex Industries Ltd, the world’s largest maker of plastic water tanks, is in talks with private equity (PE) funds to sell a minority stake in its newly demerged entity—Sintex Plastics Technology Ltd.

TPG Capital, Blackstone Group LP and Carlyle Group have shown interest in the company and separate discussions are on to sell a minority stake worth $200 million (Rs 1,300 crore).

D-Mart parent Avenue Supermarts may launch IPO in March

Avenue Supermarts is planning to raise around Rs 2000 crore through IPO

Avenue Supermarts, which runs the D-Mart store chain is likely to bring its IPO in March.  The stock is likely to be priced near Rs 275 per share. Avenue Supermarts, which opened its first D-Mart store in Mumbai in 2002, had 112 stores as of September 2016, covering an area of 3.4 million sq. ft across 41 cities in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Telangana, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and the National Capital Region.

Investing in IPOs for listing gains (first day first show) have been a hot theme among investors recently. The recent market buoyancy has triggered an IPO boom. Companies with good fundamentals are seeing huge oversubscription leaving investors with nil or low allotment. This is very annoying as there is a loss of opportunity to make profit in form of listing gains.

Also investors would be disappointed by nil or low allotment as IPOs are an entry point for many new investors who begin their stock market journey.

To address this situation, investing in stocks at a pre-IPO stage makes sense. The biggest benefit is getting the assured desired quantity. Also there is price benefit. This wealth creating tool was earlier available only to institutions, private equity investors and high networth investors.

Company Name No of times  IPO Listing 
subscribed Price Price
BSE Ltd 51 806 1085
RBL Bank 70 225 300
Advanced Enzymes 116 896 1210
Quess Corp 145 317 499
Mahanagar Gas 65 421 540
Ujjivan Fin.Ser 41 210 227
Thyrocare Tech 74 446 662
Equitas Holdings 17 110 144
Narayana Hrudayalaya 9 250 291
Alkem Lab 44 1050 1382
Dr Lal Pathlabs 33 550 717
S H Kelkar & Co 27 180 222

Riding high on buoyancy in secondary markets, 26 companies raised Rs 26,493.8 crore from IPOs in 2016, higher than Rs 13,614 crore raised by 21 companies in 2015.

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Pre IPO Unlisted Shares of HDB Financial Services

HDB Financial Services Pre IPO shares

HDB Financial Services (HDBFS) is a leading Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) that caters to the growing needs of an Aspirational India, serving both Retail & Commercial Clients. Our lines of business include – Lending and Collections BPO.

HDB Financial Services is a subsidiary company of HDFC Bank.

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Unlisted shares, Pre IPO shares, delisted shares, Private Equity, Rare Shares

Image showing Unlisted shares like BSE
Unlisted Shares, delisted shares, Pre-IPO shares, Rare Shares

There are various categories of shares. Listed shares are shares which are traded on main stock exchanges like Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and/or National Stock Exchange (NSE).  However there are other types of shares which are in fancy among others which include Unlisted shares, Pre IPO shares, delisted shares, Private Equity, Rare Shares etc.

Unlisted shares are shares of companies which are not listed on stock exchanges. If you want to buy or sell any unlisted stocks, please contact us on 08108234400 or visit buysellunlistedshares.com

Pre IPO shares are shares of companies which are likely to bring initial public offer (IPO) soon. If you want to buy or sell any Pre IPO stocks, please contact us on 08108234400 or visit buysellunlistedshares.com

Delisting refers to the practice of removing stock of a company from Stock Exchange so that the investors can no longer trade shares of the stock on the exchange. Delisted shares no longer trade on BSE and NSE. If you want to buy or sell any delisted stocks, please contact us on 08108234400 or visit buysellunlistedshares.com

Unquoted or untraded shares are shares which are listed on stock exchanges but not traded regularly due to not buyers or sellers. Delisted shares no longer trade on BSE and NSE. If you want to buy or sell any delisted stocks, please contact us on 08108234400 or visit buysellunlistedshares.com

Private Equity (PE), rare and antique shares are shares which are invested by niche investors based on the risk reward profile.