Tamilnad Mercantile Bank (TMB) pre-IPO shares

TMB private sector bank

Tamilnad Mercantile Bank (TMB) is a leading private sector based in South India. The bank has 509 full fledged branches all over India, 12 Regional Offices, 11 Extension Counters, 6 Central Processing Centres, 1 Service Branch, 4 Currency Chests and 1135 Automated Teller Machines. Due to its strong financial performance, the bank is often referred to as HDFC Bank of South India.

TMB share price is near Rs 500 per share. For buying and selling shares of Tamilnad Mercantile Bank (TMB) or any other companies, please call Dharawat Securities on 8108303330 

Tamilnad Mercantile Bank (TMB) is one of the very few banks having very high reserve base and its earnings per share remains the highest. It is the only bank in India declaring consistently higher rate of dividend to its shareholders from the very beginning.  Key listed peers and competitors of TMB are HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank and Axis Bank.

The history of Tamilnad Mercantile Bank Ltd., the then Nadar Bank Ltd., dates back to 1921. The thought of establishing a bank under the guidance of the able Nadar business community was mooted out in the Anniversary of Nadar Mahajana Sangam held at Tuticorin in 1920. The bank was registered on May 11, 1921 as “The Nadar Bank Ltd”.  The bank is having the record as the first private sector bank in India to introduce massive computerization for branch level operations. It adopted modernization, as early in the year 1983. TMB Ltd. is an unlisted company with its share holders being the privileged few. The fair value of each equity share of the Bank has been arrived at Rs 300.

Tamilnad Mercantile Bank Unlisted Shares Details:
Total Available Shares: 500+
Face Value: Rs 10 Per Equity Share
ISIN: INE668A01016
Corporate Identification Number – (CIN) U65110TN1921PLC001908
Lot Size: 100-500 Shares
Current Unlisted Share Price: Best in industry / market Per Equity Share
Financials Details of Tamilnad Mercantile Bank (Figs in Rs Cr) 
Year March 2020 March 2019 March 2018 March 2017
Equity Paid Up 142.51 142.51 142.51 142.51
Networth 3,979.64 3,618.25 3,404.79 3,224.04
Sales 3,466.11 3,224.46 3,250.49 3,380.96
PBIDT 2,584.36 2,288.44 2,390.14 2,762.76
PBDT 437.77 294.14 349.38 532.61
PBIT 2,554.28 2,252.88 2,350.47 2,722.48
PBT 407.69 258.58 309.71 492.33
PAT 407.69 258.58 221.92 316.66
Book Value Per Share 279.25 253.89 238.91 226.23
EPS 28.61 18.14 15.57 22.22
Dividend % 38.58 24 32 32
Payout (%) 13.49 13.29 18.55 10.83

TMB Balance Sheet 

 Year March 20 March 2019 March 2018 March 2017
 Capital 142.51 142.51 142.51 142.51
 Reserves Total 3837.13 3475.74 3262.28 3081.53
 Deposits 36825.03 35136.25 32428.33 32190.15
 Borrowings 324 0 513 0
 Other Liabilities & Provisions 1630.12 1778.29 1573.83 1570.18
   TOTAL LIABILITIES 42758.79 40532.79 37919.95 36984.37
 Cash & Balances with RBI 1414.41 1735.34 1701.77 1458.2
 Balances with Banks & money at Call 2322.14 1185.01 301.72 487.55
 Investments 9467.33 9106.59 10363.61 11504.48
 Advances 27715.76 26487.94 23768.72 21972.32
 Fixed Assets 128.45 138.38 140.3 154.39
 Other Assets 1710.7 1879.53 1643.82 1407.42
   TOTAL ASSETS 42758.79 40532.79 37919.94 36984.36
 Contingent Liability 7231.25 7134.47 12995.52 11714.47
   Bills for collection 797.5 822.21 827.57 1486.88
Board of Directors 


Thiru S. Annamalai
Thiru K.V. Rama Moorthy
Thiru S.R. Ashok
Tmt. S. Ezhil Jothi
Thiru N. Gopal
Thiru K. Nagarajan


Financial Performance Highlights


Total BusinessRs. 61,624.19Rs. 56,197.05Rs. 54,162.47Rs. 52,946.58Rs. 44,986.00Rs. 39,790.00Rs. 36,480.00
DepositsRs. 35,136.25Rs. 32,428.33Rs. 32,190.15Rs. 30,368.87Rs. 25,650.00Rs. 22,646.00Rs. 20,224.00
AdvancesRs. 26,487.94Rs. 23,768.72Rs. 21,972.32Rs. 22,577.71Rs. 19,336.00Rs. 17,144.00Rs. 16,256.00
Forex TurnoverRs. 15,726.27Rs. 26,923.36Rs. 28,411.85Rs. 23,388.68Rs. 19,682.00Rs. 18,926.00Rs. 15,927.00
Net ProfitRs. 258.58Rs. 221.92Rs. 316.66Rs. 402.16Rs. 379.00Rs. 301.00Rs. 440.00
Operating ProfitRs. 884.24Rs. 1,005.99Rs. 875.63Rs. 725.49Rs. 607.00Rs. 613.00Rs. 690.00
  • All above figures are Rupees (Rs. ) in Crores.

Financial ratios

Parameter 2018-19 2017-18 2016-17 2015-16 2014-15 2013-14 2012-13
CASA 24.64% 25.32% 23.23% 19.40% 19.63% 19.02% 18.30%
Return on Equity 7.36% 6.70% 10.27% 14.39% 15.60% 14.02% 24.08%
Return on Assets 0.68% 0.59% 0.86% 1.23% 1.38% 1.19% 2.01%
Net Interest Margin 3.65% 3.61% 3.48% 3.52% 3.53% 3.87% 4.33%
Capital Adequacy Ratio (Basel II) 16.20% 14.86% 14.05% 12.78% 13.91% 15.73% 15.01%
Capital Adequacy Ratio (Basel III) 16.17% 14.83% 14.02% 12.76% 13.89% 15.59% N.A.
Gross NPA 4.32% 3.60% 2.91% 1.84% 1.63% 2.46% 1.31%
Net NPA 2.40% 2.16% 1.74% 0.89% 0.67% 1.22% 0.66%

Tamilnad Mercantile Product and Services:
Banking facility Anywhere Anytime Mobile SMS Banking Demat A/c Services Processing Charges Bill Payment Services Smart Shoppers Visa Card India Card Credit Card Mutual Fund Marketing RTGS, ECS & NEFT Service U. Money Transfer NCDEX Clearing Citizen’s Charter Compensation Policy Mobile SMS Banking Demat A/c Services Processing Charges Bill Payment Services

Deposit Schemes
Janatha Savings A/c Cash Certificate Pearl Deposit Siranjeevee R. Deposit Santhosh Deposit Tax Saving Deposits TMB Double Deposit Fixed Deposit Muthukkuvial Deposit Navarathnamala Deposit Interest Rates Savings Bank A/c.  SB Premium A/c Classic Salary SB A/c Current A/c

Retail Loans Offered By The TMB
IPO Finance Loan General Credit Card Gold Over Draft Pensioner Loan Short Term Education Loan Doctor Loan Loan for Two Wheeler’s Car Loan Personal Loan House Rent Loan

International Banking
Forex Services & Rates Credit Facility for Export Forex Analysis Facilities for students going abroad Inward & Outward Remittances


The vision of the Chairman and Board of Directors of the bank is to develop the bank into a much stronger bank with the higher level of modernization to handle the business volume. Noble thoughts and high ideas of the team of management charged with dynamic spirit of action will take the bank to a greater height, achieving growth in strength and exhibit the bank as a model bank in the Banking industry. To be a progressive bank with strong brand equity, enhancing value for all the stake holders through excellence in performance and good governance.

The bank has a tie-up agreement with a lot of reputed companies for selling Mutual fund products. Some of them are UTI Mutual Fund, Reliance Mutual Fund, ICICI Prudential Mutual, Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund. In addition to this, it also offers offline and online share trading with Religare Securities.

To provide enhanced facilities to the customers, the bank shifted its foreign exchange department from Tuticorin to Chennai. In south India, ASBA facilities were offered for the first time by TMB. It created an integrated Treasury and Foreign Exchange Operations Department with adequate infrastructure to handle trading in government securities, bonds, and Shares in addition to foreign exchange and derivative, etc.

Since TMB was a clearing bank for NCDEX and MCX, it entered the commodity futures market. TMB e-connect facility introduced a new concept of online deposit opening. The bank has tie-up arrangements with HDFC Bank (531 locations) as well as IDBI Bank (136 locations)

Tamilnad Mercantile bank is one of the strongest scheduled banks in south India. TMB is purely a private sector bank. K V Rama Moorty is the current MD & CEO of the bank. TMB is a nationalized bank. It received Financial Express – India’s Best Banks 2011 award.

Recent developments:

South-based private sector lender Tamilnad Mercantile Bank (TMB) reported a 96% jump in its net profit to Rs 181 crore for the third quarter of FY21, compared to Rs 92 crore in the corresponding quarter of the previous fiscal. Its total income stood at Rs 1,083.45 crore as against Rs 998.91 crore same quarter a year ago, registering 8.46% growth. K V Rama Moorthy, MD & CEO of TMB , said the bank could achieve the profits owing to the higher net interest income, lower provisioning and increase in the operating profit.

He said the bank is planning to file papers for its initial public offering (IPO) over the next nine to 12 months. He said, the bank’s NII stood at Rs 428.73 crore in Q3 against Rs 338.72 crore, with 26.57% growth.

Tamilnad mercantile bank share price is steadily rising since past several years as the private bank rewarded investors with regular dividend and bonus shares along with good fundamentals.

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