HDB Financial shares valued at Rs 80,000 crore: Our coverage in Today’s ET

Shares of HDB Financial Services, the NBFC arm of HDFC Bank, are being valued at over Rs 80,000 crore in the grey market. This makes it the country’s fourth most valuable non-bank lender at the existing prices.  “Activity in the HDB Financial counter suddenly increased in the last few days ahead of its AGM on … Read more

HDB Financial Services Limited Pre IPO Unlisted Shares

The composition of the Board is as follows: Sr. No. Name of Director Designation 1 Mr. Arijit Basu Chairman and Non-Executive (Non-Independent) Director 2 Mr. Venkatraman Srinivasan Independent Director 3 Ms. Smita Affinwalla Independent Director 4 Dr. Amla Samanta Independent Director 5 Mr. Adayapalam Kumaraswamy Viswanathan Independent Director 6 Ms. Arundhati Mech Independent Director 7 … Read more

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