Pre IPO Shares : Frequently Asked Questions

How to Buy Pre-IPO Shares before a Company goes Public ?

How to buy sell Pre IPO unlisted shares/ procedure to buy sell unlisted shares ? Please refer to these Frequently Asked Questions:

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What is the meaning of unlisted shares ?
Shares which are not traded on a stock exchange are unlisted equity shares.

What is the meaning of Pre-IPO shares ?

Pre-IPO means buying/selling shares in a company before its IPO i.e. before it gets listed on the Stock Exchanges.

Who sells shares in a pre-IPO ?

Existing shareholders of the company sell shares in the pre-IPO.

Are the shares being sold in the demat form?

Yes. The shares being sold are in the demat form.

Why should one invest in unlisted shares ?

Huge capital appreciation, wealth creation, rate benefit, assured quantity allotment, portfolio diversification.

What are benefits of investing in Unlisted shares ?

Opportunity to participate in investments which are otherwise available only big investors like mutual funds, banks, institutional investors, PE firms, HNIs etc. Also the shares are available at reasonable valuations.

What is the process to buy / sell unlisted shares ?

Post mutually agreeing at buy sell price and quantity, an email confirmation is taken given. Payment is to be done or made through online fund transfer and subsequently shares are delivered in demat account. Mostly the entire deal is done in few hours.

What is the minimum amount to be invested ?

Depending on the scrip,the minimum amount can be between Rs 20,000-Rs 50,000. For the benefit of retail investors we have small lots with small ticket size.

Are the shares being sold in the physical or demat form?

Shares are available in demat form.

*Disclaimer: Consult your Financial Advisor before making any investment decision

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