Procedure to buy and sell unlisted delisted shares

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Procedure to buy and sell unlisted shares is very simple.

For buying unlisted shares, an investor has to transfer funds to our bank account and provide demat account details. We provide quality service with guarantee that shares will be delivered in demat account the same day as payment is credited in our bank account.

While selling unlisted shares, an investor has to transfer shares in our demat account and provide their bank account details. Payment will be made as soon as shares are credited in our demat account.

Earlier only big investors like domestic and foreign funds, banks and financial institutions, domestic and foreign institutional investors, mutual funds, private equity (PE) investors and other high networth investors were able to invest in unlisted shares. But currently anyone can buy or sell unlisted shares irrespective of deal value. Please note that there are no charges applicable like brokerage or commission and securities transaction tax (STT) while buying and selling unlisted shares.

For buying and selling unlisted/delisted shares of all companies at best rates and quality service, please call on 8108303330 

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