Pre IPO Unlisted Shares of Indofil Industries

Indofil is a part of KK Modi group of companies
Indofil Industries has Agrochemicals and Specialty Chemicals division

Indofil Industries Limited (Indofil) is a well-established name in the Agricultural Chemicals as well as Specialty & Performance Chemicals business for over five decades.

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Indofil has significant presence in the international agricultural chemical market to emerge as a preferred supplier of Mancozeb. Its footprint has expanded considerably since its foray into the international market several years ago. The Company owns and operate one of the most modern production facilities in the industry at Dahej SEZ, Gujarat and Thane, Maharashtra.

Indofil has subsidiary offices in Amsterdam to keep administrative control of Europe business, office in Brazil, Bangladesh, Shanghai, Philippines etc & representative offices at Costa Rica, and Sri Lanka. Besides it is in process to set offices in other countries including Asia pacific & Latin American region.

The company  has its export presence in more than 60 countries as suppliers of Mancozeb formulations. In India, Indofil is successful in strategic marketing of Insecticides including IGR’s, Fungicides (Mancozeb, Tricyclazole, Zineb etc.), Bactericides, Herbicides, Acaricides, Surfactants, and Plant Growth Regulators (PGR). Indofil is driven by “Crop Care Concept” in agriculture business.

Specialty and Performance business works with the philosophy to be a solution provider by innovative products for various industries viz. Leather, Textile, Paints, Plastics and Construction Chemicals. Indofil established five decades ago, headquartered in Mumbai, is a research-led and fully integrated chemical company.

Manufacturing Facilities

Indofil has four manufacturing facilities producing multi products with the state-of-the-art PLC (Programmable Logic Control) and DCS (Distributed Control System) based systems and multiple toll manufacturing units across various parts of India. The manufacturing processes are automated with advanced equipments and environmentally compliant machines, ensuring faster throughput and safe working conditions.

The first plant of Indofil at Thane, near Mumbai Maharashtra state commissioned in 1962 continue to produce various fungicides including Mancozeb, Zineb, Maneb, Cymoxanil, Tricyclazole, Myclobutanil, Metalaxyl, Dodine and Propergite,.

Indofil expanded its manufacturing facilities in Gujarat state by adding Mancozeb mixtures and new fungicide molecules by commissioning two manufacturing plants at Dahej, SEZ (Special Economic Zone, ranked among the top 10 SEZs in the world by Financial Times, London) and one manufacturing unit at Dahej, GIDC location.

Location Manufacturing Unit Location Year of Establishment Product Manufactured Total Production Capacity
Maharashtra Thane 1962 Mancozeb and other fungicides, Specialty and Performance Chemicals 20K MT
Gujarat Dahej SEZ 1 – Unit 1 2009 Mancozeb 30K MT
Gujarat Dahej SEZ 1 – Unit 2 2016 Fungicides – Multi Synthesis Plant 4K MT
Gujarat Dahej GIDC – Unit 3 2018 Mancozeb and Specialty and Performance Chemicals 70K MT

Joint Ventures

Hisun (HIFIL) : The objective of the Indofil and Hisun Joint Venture is to register exclusive imports of agriculture chemicals and to distribute formulations. The data generation for registration is in progress.

Shanghai Baijin Chemical Group Co. Ltd. (SBC), China: As part of the backward integration strategy, Indofil entered into a Joint Venture agreement with Shanghai Baijin Chemical Group Co. Ltd. (SBC) to manufacture Carbon-Di- Sulphide (CS2). The company holds 51% of the equity in the joint venture, which would help ot to cut down the import of CS2 completely.

Recent News

Indofil Industries has acquired majority stake in Agrowin Biosciences, a crop protection and plant nutrients company based in Milan, Italy. – 05 April 2019

Indofil enters into JV with world’s leading polymer additives manufacturing company, Reagens – 15 February 2019

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