MSEI Share Price (Unlisted Shares) Today in Grey Market – Best Buy Price

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MSEI Share Price
Quantity   Price Per Share Rs 
Above 1,00,000 Shares 1.05
50,000 Shares – 1,00,000 Shares 1.10
20,000 Shares – 50,000 Shares 1.15
10,000 Shares – 20,000 Shares 1.20
5,000 Shares – 10,000 Shares 1.30
1,000 Shares – 5,000 Shares 1.40

The above mentioned are the current MSEI Share Price today as per various quantities.

These are the best prevailing rates of MSEI shares in unlisted market.

MSEI shares are hot favorites in Grey market currently.

There is huge demand in MSEI shares is due to all unlisted shares coming out with IPO.

As Metropolitan Stock Exchange of India (MSEI) is not yet a listed company on main stock exchanges like BSE and NSE. But MSEI’s Unlisted Shares are traded regularly in the grey market through off-market mode.

MSEI shares is highly traded unlisted stock. Various well known investors like Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Nemish Shah, banks like SBI, BOI, Axis Bank.

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