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Modern Insulators porcelain insulator makerModern Insulators is India’s largest manufacturer and exporter of equipment porcelain insulators with exports to over 50 countries. For buying or selling shares of Modern Insulators or any other companies at best rates and quality service, please call on 8108303330 or visit 

The company is an arm of the Modern group of Industries and was set up in 1985 in collaboration with Siemens, Germany. It works closely with OEMs, Indian Railways, National and Regional Utilities, EPC companies worldwide. Clients include ABB, Bhel, Siemens and other capital goods companies.

Manufacturing plant is situated in Abu Road, Rajasthan and has a currently installed capacity of 26,000 metric tonnes per annum and exports account to about 30% of its annual turnover. Modern is an ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 Certified Company and also India’s largest exporter of porcelain insulators with exports exceeding USD 15 million to more than 50 countries.

It is the first company to introduce porcelain Long rod insulators in India – a superior alternative to disc insulators with an unbeatable pollution performance. It also introduced an exclusive aluminous body for porcelain insulators- proven for its improved mechanical and electrical strength.

Modern has the most sophisticated manufacturing plant with machinery imported from Germany along with the required testing and inspection facilities and an in-house R&D setup recognized by the Government of India for development of new products & process improvements.



The hollow porcelain insulators are manufactured using high strength Aluminous porcelain and subjected to strict process and dimensional controls.This insulators protect the internal components from being exposed to the vagaries of the weather.
Modern’s Solidcore insulators are not only designed to meet the essential mechanical & electrical properties but also to effectively meet the loads arising out of short circuit, seismic, wind, thermal, ice and any other dynamic loads. LONGROD INSULATORS
The long rod insulators are subjected to static and dynamic loads including wind load, ice load, conductor galloping, short circuit forces etc. and are designed to withstand such loads constantly and continuously for decades.


Modern insulators has set the standards in the design, manufacture, testing and supply of insulators for railway traction application. We manufacture various categories of 25kV railway insulators addressing every need for the electrification of railway lines.


The manufacturing facility in Abu Road is spread over an area of around 100 acres with a built-up area of 63327 sq.m. The in-house SGI foundry has a built-up area of 5734 sq.m and the Aluminium foundry has a built-up area of 1264 sq.m. The unit is equipped with the latest facilities and the key emphasis is on continuous improvement. The facilities include

1. Ball mills
2. Blungers
3. Agitators
4. Vibro screens & Electro-magnetic filters
5. Filter presses
6. Pug mills
7. Pug electrical drying chambers
8. Vertical turning lathes
9. Driers
10. Glazing booths
11. Computerized kilns
12. Cutting & Grinding lathes
13. Assembly jigs & fixtures
14. Steam curing chambers
15. Comprehensive testing facilities
16. Packing yards
17. Container loading bays

The entire plant is under one roof which ensures seamless manufacturing and fool proof monitoring activities.


  • First Indian Company to design and manufacture Long rod Insulators for High Voltage transmission lines up to 1200kV.
  • First Indian Company to design and manufacture Solidcore Insulators for High Voltage application up to 1200kV.
  • First Indian Manufacturer to regularly produce and supply Porcelain Insulators with ENEL Profile sheds (Creepage as high as 31mm/kV) for European Market.
  • First Indian Manufacturer to develop 420kN long rod insulators for extra high voltage lines to meet the requirement of Power Grid Corporation of India.
  • Only insulator manufacturer to have developed & tested Porcelain long rod insulators to a maximum withstand salinity of 224kg/m3 (highest level) specified by IEC standards 60507 & 60815.
  • Consistently produce one insulator every minute.

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