From Royal Enfield to Rolls Royce … the power of equity investments

Royal Enfield or Rolls RoyceRolls Royce





Classic example of investment is better than  consumption.

In 2001, share price of Eicher Motors (the makers of Royal Enfield bikes) was just Rs 17.50. Price of Royal Enfield bike in 2001 was Rs 55,000.

So assuming you would have bought shares of Eicher Motors instead of buying Royal Enfield bike, you could have bought 3143 shares of Eicher Motors (Rs 55,000/ Rs 17.50)

In 2015, Eicher Motors’ share price on 18 December 2015 is Rs 16,175 per share !!!

So value of your investment made in Eicher Motors would have rocketed to (hold your breath) Rs 5.08 crore.

So instead of buying Royal Enfield bike, you can easily buy a Rolls Royce car !!!

Investment of Rs 55,000 has compounded to Rs 5.08 crore. ie appreciation of 923 times in 15 years or 61.5 times in 1 year. No other investments can fetch such kind of returns.

Past is history, future is mystery and that’s why present is called present.

Such returns are possible through investment in shares and holding it patienly for long term. We have compiled a list of multibagger stocks which can give good returns. Contact for more details

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