Huge listing gains for unlisted shares investors as Aspinwall lists on NSE : Our coverage in today’s Economic Times

Aspinwall NSE listing
Aspinwall sees strong listing on NSE

Investors investing in unlisted shares pocketed in strong gains as unlisted shares of Aspinwall & Co. began trading on NSE yesterday, 14 June 2016.

Kochi-based Aspinwall & Co listed on the NSE on Tuesday at a price of Rs 175, with 2,646 shares changing hands. The 1867-established company with interests in logistics, coffee, rubber plantation, tourism and natural fibre was earlier listed on the Kochi and Madras stock exchanges.

“Once these stocks are listed on the NSE or BSE, liquidity improves and investors often make multi-bagger returns,” says Narottam Dharawat, a Mumbai-based broker, who identifies opportunities in the unlisted space
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