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Unlisted Shares bole to Dharawat Securities and Dharawat Securities bole to Unlisted Shares. Yes, Dharawat Securities has become a household name in Unlisted Shares since over twenty years.  Our brand name and goodwill has made us most preferred broker for unlisted stocks.

Dharawat Securities is a leading platform for unlisted shares in the market. We are the leading brokers / dealers of unlisted/ delisted shares in Mumbai. Based in India’s financial capital, we deal with clients all over India.

Narottam Dharawat, a market veteran with over five decades of investing experience, needs no introduction. His rich experience and analysis has helped many investors earn multibagger profits as high as 100x (100 times!!!) from their investments in unlisted shares.

We have helped our clients in profiting from investing in Unlisted Shares, Pre-IPO shares, Delisted Shares of high growth companies. We offer a seamless transaction flow for investing in high growth companies anytime and anywhere. Our portfolio has wide choice of over 200 unlisted shares from various sectors.

We have emerged as a trusted platform when it comes to buying and selling unlisted shares. For more details on unlisted shares, please call on 8108303330 or email at buysellunlistedshares@gmail.com or https://buysellunlistedshares.com/about-us/

We also offer wealth management, retirement planning and financial solutions to retail and institutional clients. We work closely with our clients to understand their objectives of wealth creation.

Dharawat Securities is the most reputed, trusted and transparent brokers of unlisted shares.  We provide best rates, genuine trades, deal completion guarantee, no hidden charges, quick same day delivery, and quality service all over India. All our deals are fully guaranteed by us and follow all legal procedures. Please call us to experience our services.

Always available – We are always available to solve any of your financial queries regarding investments, taxes or planning your future.

Fully transparent and legal – No hidden charges or fees, you can get full account of how your money is managed by our experts.

We Buy/ Sell Unlisted, Delisted, Untraded, Unquoted, Suspended, Pre IPO, RSE, Rare, Startup, Illiquid, Antique, Private Equity shares of all companies on spot payment basis and also provide doorstep collection service. We also buy Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) shares at attractive rates. Call us to know best offer rate. From manufacturing to media, India has quite a few billionaires in the unlisted zone. Invest in startups and private companies before they go IPO. Private Assets lets you be a Venture Capitalist at a fraction of the cost. Check our top recommendation for buying and selling of Unlisted, Unquoted Shares & Securities updated as on 2021.

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