Lux Industries to relist on NSE on Monday

Shares of the innerwear maker Lux Industries will start trading on the NSE from Monday, 30 November 2015.

The scrip has already given multibagger returns to investors.

Stock was being traded at a mere Rs 50 three years back and has now reached almost Rs 3,500. An over 60x returns in three years.

Despite such a steep rally, valuations are still attractive compared with other listed peers.

As given in valuation table, average PE of the sector is 48.  Hence, applying the same valuation, the stock is likely to trade near Rs 3,500.

Innerwear sector valuation snapshot
Company Face Value FY 2015 EPS PE Share Price
Page Industries 10 175.75 75 13185
Lovable Lingerie 10 11.74 22 262
Rupa & Company 1 8.26 46 378
Ashapura Intimates Fashions 10 4.45 58 260
Maxwell Industries 2 1.08 61 66
TT 10 1.88 30 56
Average PE of 6 companies in sector 48
Lux Industries 10 90 35 3150 ???
Lux Industries 10 90 40 3600 ???
Lux Industries 10 90 45 4050 ???

Five years financial performance

Lux Inds important details snapshot 5 years
Company is the fastest growing in the sector





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