BSE shares now ready to fly after huge demand for IPO

BSE MD & CEO Ashish Kumar Chauhan

BSE Ltd (Bombay Stock Exchange), a small neglected baby we adopted 2-3 years back, has grown up fully and is now ready to fly. Deteriorating financials due to stiff competition from rival NSE ltd and lower investor interest had led to BSE being shunned by investors and wanting to exit the sinking ship.

But in this adversity, there was a multibagger opportunity here which was alerted to investors near Rs 300 levels (face value Rs 2) about two years back. Now, BSE had announced its IPO at Rs 806. So the stock has already become a three-bagger, (3x) in just two years, with Rs 100 premium being quoted.  So bottomline is that if you want to multiply your wealth exponentially, buying unlisted shares makes great sense. For regular updates please fill your details

Shares of BSE Ltd (Bombay Stock Exchange) will be listed on 3 February 2017. The IPO saw huge demand from investors and closed with over subscription of 51 times. Taking into consideration the huge demand for IPO, the BSE stock is likely to list between Rs 950-1,000 per share, as per grey market premium.

The recent market buoyancy has triggered an IPO boom. Companies with good fundamentals are seeing huge oversubscription leaving investors with nil or low allotment. This is very annoying as there is a loss of opportunity to make profit in form of listing gains.

Also investors would be disappointed by nil or low allotment as IPOs are an entry point for many new investors who begin their stock market journey.

To address this situation, investing in stocks at a pre-IPO stage makes sense. The biggest benefit is getting the assured desired quantity. Also there is price benefit. This wealth creating tool was earlier available only to institutions, private equity investors and high networth investors.

But now, retail investors can also take benefit of such multibagger returns from investing in unlisted shares. Many fundamentally good companies will be floating their IPOs soon. For more details and buying pre-IPO shares of all companies about to bring out IPO soon, please call on 08108234400 or place your trade details here



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