Unlisted shares: Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy sell unlisted shares/ procedure to buy sell unlisted shares ? Please refer to these Frequently Asked Questions :

For more details and buying and selling physical/demat unlisted/delisted shares of all companies at best rates and quality service, please call on 08108234400 or email on buysellunlistedshares@gmail.com or visit https://buysellunlistedshares.com

What are benefits of buying unlisted shares ?
Huge capital appreciation, wealth creation, rate benefit, assured quantity allotment, portfolio diversification.

What is the process to buy / sell unlisted shares ?
Post mutally agreeing at buy sell price and quantity, an email confirmation is taken given. Payment is to be done or made through online fund transfer and subsequently shares are delivered in demat account. Mostly the entire deal is done in few hours.

What is the minimum amount to be invested ?
Depending on the scrip,the minimum amount can be between Rs 20,000-Rs 50,000

Are the shares being sold in the physical or demat form?
Shares of most companies are in demat form. However, shares of a few companies are still available in physical form.

What is the tax implication of investing in unlisted shares ?
Capital gains on sale of unlisted shares will be classified as long term, if held for more than 24 months. STCG on sale of unlisted equity shares is taxable at applicable marginal tax rate plus applicable surcharge and education cess. LTCG on sale of unlisted equity shares is taxable at 20% with indexation and at 10% without indexation. If you sell the shares on the exchanges once it gets listed,you will get the same tax treatment as listed scrips. Long-term capital gains (LTCG) from sale of listed equity shares are tax exempt.


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