Invitation to attend Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting

Berkshire Hathaway's annual meetingTime for the most attended and awaited shareholders meeting has come. Warren Buffett, among the world’s richest person and the best investor holds his annual shareholder meeting for his company Berkshire Hathaway in Omaha.

For the first time this year, the meeting dubbed “Woodstock for Capitalists” will be webcast online, allowing investors and fans of the Oracle to live stream the event.

To attend the live webcast, visit this link

As per the schedule, the meeting starts at 7:30 PM Indian Standard Time (IST) today, 30 April 2016. Buffett and his partner Charlie Munger kick off the show in New York and in Los Angeles and will answer questions from a panel of interviewers as well as shareholders.

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Its a not to be missed event at any cost as apart from the investment talk, their approach towards shareholders and corporate governance practices is a source of inspiration to everyone who wants to build a sound investment business.

Last year, more than 40,000 people attended the meeting and that number is only increasing with every passing year.

Buffett’s oft-repeated Buffetisms include “Rule No 1: Never lose money. Rule No 2: Never forget rule No 1”, “Never invest in a business you can’t understand” and “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get”. Most of these Buffetisms revolve around the concept of value investing, a strategy of selecting stocks that trade for less than their intrinsic values. Value investors seek to invest in stocks of companies which they believe the market has undervalued.


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