TMB (Tamilnad Mercantile Bank) outcome of AGM and updates

tmb image
TMB IPO and Bonus issue on AGM agenda

The much-awaited event of Annual General Meeting (AGM) is over. Its a very big positive development as the AGM has paved the way for faster growth of the bank in terms of management expansion, more reward for investors and clear roadmap for future.

Proposal AGM Approval
500:1 (500 Bonus shares Yes
for every share held).
Rs 2450 final dividend for Yes
last six years.
Appointment of new directors Yes
for board expansion.
IPO details Matter to be taken up in
and demat. subsequent board meetings

All the above mentioned proposals, as per various sources, are approved in AGM but are pending in Mardas High Court. The announcement on same is expected by February 2016.

We are market makers in shares of Tamilnad Mercantile Bank (TMB). Please contact to buy/sell shares of the TMB or any other shares or for more details and updates on 08108234400 or email on

Tamilnad Mercantile Bank is a premier fast growing private sector bank in India based at Thoothukudi, Chennai. The bank has a long cherished history of more than 93 years of successful banking with strong fundamentals and a record of continuous profit making. It has a strong branch network of 450+ branches and 950+ ATMs.



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