Companies to AVOID ….

Warren Buffet is arguably the world’s greatest stock investor. If you want to be a successful investor never forget his two simple rules of investing
Rule No. 1: Never Lose Money.
Rule No. 2: Never Forget Rule No. 1.

As an investor you must have got this piece of advice from anyone and everyone. But have you wondered how to apply it in real life investing ?

Stay away from these companies at any cost no matter how much ever they fall. Don’t try to catch these falling knives…these companies have high debt and are struggling badly to repay debt. They have not repaid money to corporate fixed deposit investors…!!! raising a big red flag about their future financial health. A company which does not pay debt holders is highly unlikely to make money for equity shareholders.

Ansal Properties and Infra
Asian Electronics
Avon Corporation
Birla Shloka EduTech
Elder Pharmaceuticals
Helios & Matheson
Jindal Cotex
Lyka Labs
Micro Technologies
Neesa Leisure
Omnitech Infosolutions
Plethico Pharmaceuticals
Tricom India


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