Why invest in shares ?

Many people have fear that investing in Stock Market is risky. Read this simple case study. For more details on stocks, you can call me on 08108234400 or email me on buysellunlistedshares@gmail.com

Journey of Life and Indian Stock market

1981 – My dad took decision to get married.

1982 – I was born. Sensex = 173

1983 – I was born and also Indian cricket team winning world cup. Sensex = 212.

1984 – Indira Gandhi shot dead & Bhopal Gas tragedy. Sensex = 245

1989 – Hung parliament with Congress outside support. Sensex = 714.

1991 – Rajiv Gandhi assassination. Sensex = 1,168

1992 – Indian economy opening up. Dream budget by Manmohan Singh + big outbreak of stock scam of Harshad Mehta. Sensex = 4,285.

1993 – Mumbai serial bomb blast including BSE’s iconic building PJ Towers & riots all over. Sensex = 2,281.

1996 – Indian stock market goes digital with NSE’s new trading platform. Sensex = 3,367.

1999 – NDA coming to power with Atal Bihari Vajpayee as PM. Sensex = 3,740.

2000 – Technology boom. Sensex = 5,001.

2001 – Gujarat earthquake. Sensex = 3,640.

2004 – Big bull run start in Dalal Street. UPA government coming to power with Left party support. Sensex = 5,591.

2006 – Sensex conquering magical figure of 10,000.

2007 – Market sees vertical rally with Sensex striking 20,000.

2008 – Sensex crashes after touching high of 21,200. Crude oil hits record high of $147+ a barrel.

2009 – Global market meltdown on US Sub-prime mortgage crisis. Sensex = 9,568.

2010 – Satyam scam, Common wealth scam, Telecom scam. Sensex = 17,590.

2013 – Raghuram Rajan appointed RBI governor. Sensex = 18,835.

2014 – BJP led NDA forms government after securing majority seats in Loksabha elections. Sensex = 25,000.

2015 – Sensex hits record high of 30,000 on hopes of big bang reforms from NDA government.

Key point to be noted here is that from 1981 till date it is clear that in all adversity & prosperity I and Sensex, both,  have grown. But during this period, I have grown 32 times and during the same time, my dear Mr Sensex has grown 173 times !!!.

There has been periods of ups and downs and high volatility in short and medium term. But in long term, market has always yielded good returns.

Moral of the story is that long term wealth creation is possible only through stocks (equity) investments. As age grows, investment are also sure to grow.

Save Wisely, Invest Smartly. !!

(Sensex figures are taken as on 31 March of that particular year).



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